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Our collection of luxurious sheets includes a variety of thread counts, ranging from 300 TC to an opulent 1000 TC, all in pristine white to evoke a sense of pure luxury and sophistication.

Each sheet is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a soft, smooth texture that invites restful sleep and enhances overall comfort.

Duvet Covers

Stylla offers premium duvet covers crafted from finely processed, super soft 100% cotton.

Available in thread counts ranging from 210 TC to 500 TC, our covers offer exceptional comfort and durability.

Customize the size to fit the bedding perfectly.

Cushions & Bedrunners

Transform your hotel room interiors with Stylla’s custom-designed cushions and bed runner sets, meticulously crafted to complement your unique aesthetic. We specialize in a diverse range of fabrics and prints, allowing us to play with textures and patterns to create the perfect accents for your space.


Enhance your guests’ sleep with Stylla’s premium pillow fillers, crafted for ultimate comfort and support.

Choose from luxurious down or hypoallergenic options and customize sizes for a perfect fits, Stylla ensures a restful and luxurious experience during your guest’s stay.


Our towels are made with special technology that makes them super soft, highly absorbent, and quick-drying. You won’t have to worry about damp, smelly towels after using them by the pool or after a shower.

Stylla’s towels are crafted with care to stay fluffy and fresh, adding a touch of luxury to your hospitality.


Indulge in luxury and comfort with Stylla’s premium bathrobes. Carefully crafted with plush materials and meticulous attention to detail, our bathrobes offer a soft and cozy feel. They are designed for exceptional softness, absorbency, and quick drying, ensuring your guests stay comfortably dry after showers or spa treatments.

Bath mats

Transform your hotel bathroom with Stylla’s premium bath mats, showcasing luxurious designs and advanced water-soaking technology with anti-slip grip. Choose from a selection of exquisite styles to complement your bathroom decor while enjoying superior water absorption and enhanced safety for guests. Our bath mats combine elegance with functionality, elevating the guest experience with every step


From stylish leather bins and elegant laundry baskets to sophisticated trays and more, our curated collection features top-notch stitching quality and rich leather accents in deep tones of espresso or classic black. These accessories not only elevate functionality but also enhance the overall aesthetic, creating a luxurious atmosphere that envelops your guests in a lifestyle of indulgence. 


Utilize the capabilities and expertise of our design team to create an exclusively branded package for your property. If you are looking for custom accents that add to a memorable experience for your guests, you can select from any of our monogram styles, or provide your own logo, to be embroidered in a varietyof thread colors. Like you, we believe it’s the fine details that make a well-lived experience


Stylla delivers on the promise of style and comfort anticipated by your guests with our hospiltality line of products and we will work with you to create a look that reflects the sensibilities of your venue and the realities of your budget.

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